How we locate underground storage tanks

How we locate underground storage tanks

How we locate underground storage tanks

You may need to know the location of an underground storage tank (UST) for any number of reasons. Perhaps you are trying to buy or sell a new home or property, or perhaps you need to confirm if the tank has been decommissioned. Thankfully, Locating underground storage tanks is possible with the use of electromagnetic and ground penetrating radar equipment.

Storage Tank LocatingUtility Locator, LLC will first scan the project area with a split-box locator. This is a special type of electromagnetic utility locator that helps identify the presence of metallic objects below, including reinforcement found in concrete structures. We scan the area in a tight grid pattern to determine if any metallic components are detected. Any object that is detected is marked on the ground using paint and flags.

If there is any piping (retired or active), we can attempt to apply a tracing signal to it by connecting directly to an exposed portion of the pipe. This will allows us to paint and flag the location of the underground piping to/from the underground storage tank.

Ground Penetrating Radar CloseupWe will also utilize our ground penetrating radar unit. This will help us to confirm the signals we obtained with the electromagnetic equipment. If the tank is nonmetallic and could not be detected with electromagnetic, then ground penetrating radar (GPR) is the right tool to help detect the location of the underground tank. GPR works by emitting radar signals into the ground, that are then reflected off of the objects buried below. Using ground penetrating radar, we can detect most buried objects including underground storage tanks.

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