Reading Public Museum

Reading Public Museum

Reading Public Museum

Project Description

Utility Locator, LLC was contacted by Bonfitto, Inc to perform Ground Penetrating Radar and Utility Locating services within a 20’x40′ area for new building equipment to be installed. Utility Located designated the public and private gas pipes, identified an unknown utility, and designated the location of an underground water meter vault. 



Client Bonfitto, Inc.
Date December 2017
Location Reading, PA
Service(s) Performed Electromagnetic Scanning
Ground Penetrating Radar

5 Stars on all counts

How was our professionalism?: Excellent; How were the field markings?: Excellent Rate our deliverables: Excellent; How was our pricing?: Excellent Would you recommend us to a colleague?  Yes; Did we completely solve your problem?  Yes

Edward Sanders
Bonfitto, Inc.


Edward Sanders
Bonfitto, Inc.

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