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Ground Penetrating Radar Services

One of the leading causes to utility damages is simply that the utility could not be located on the surface using standard geophysical electromagnetic equipment. Using ground penetrating radar can eliminate most, if not all, of these damages on your construction and engineering projects. Because of the cost of GPR units, combined with the experience needed to effectively operate the device, most Call 811 locators do not carry or use them. Utility Locator, LLC can survey your project site with ground penetrating radar to ensure that all locatable utilities have been detected and marked-out on the ground using paint and/or flags. 

How Does GPR Work?

Utility Locator Inc provides Ground Penetrating Radar Services to clients in support of our private utility location services. GPR is used to find both conductive and non-conductive pipes, cables, and buried objects below the surface.

Ground Penetrating Radar systems work by transmitting a radio signal through the earth. The transmitted signal will reflect off of both native earth materials as well as man-made subsurface structures or disturbances. The reflected radio waves will travel back to the GPR unit at different velocities. The velocity of the signal is dependent upon the conductivity of the material for which it was reflected from.

Using GPR, we may have the capacity to identify the presence of both conductive and non-conductive pipes, cables, and structures such as underground storage tanks (UST), manholes, slabs, foundations, and vaults.

GPR + Electromagnetic Scanning

Ground penetrating radar, like many technologies, can be limited by many environmental factors. Some factors that can limit the effectiveness of GPR can include the depth of the target utility, material composition, soil conditions, weather, and surface scanning material. As such, GPR is rarely the only technology utilized during a ground penetrating radar survey, and Utility Locator, LLC will combine GPR investigations with a complete electromagnetic survey to ensure we locate all utilities that are locatable on your project site.

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